How to make Milk Tea (Recipe 3: Sweet, fatty and fragrant)



Recipe 3: Sweet, fatty and fragrant


  • Black tea + Green tea
  • 240g B’One fat powder or 270g Kievit fat powder
  • 320g sugar 
  • 300g Larosee condensed milk 
  • 500ml glass:/20 Cup (if using kievit fat powder cost /1 glass)
  • 700ml glass:/17 Cup = (if using kievit fat powder, cost /1 glass)


Step 1: Put 70g of Loc Phat black tea + 30g of Loc Phat green tea (or 100g of Black Tea) into a tea filter cloth bag + 1.8 liters of boiling water Incubate the tea for 20 minutes. After brewing, lift the tea filter bag to get the tea essence.

Step 2: Mix well Mix 820g of sugar + 400g of B’one fat powder or (450g of Kievit fat powder) + 2.5 ml of salted coffee. Pre-measure 300ml Rich’s vegetable fat cream.

Step 3 : Put the mixture of sugar + B’one fat powder or (Kievit fat powder) + salt into the tea juice, stir to dissolve, then add 300ml of Rich’s and stir to dissolve. Add 0.7kg of marble, keep stirring until all ice is melted. Finish and always keep in the fridge >> 8 hours.



>>>If cooking Rich’s recipe, fat-free flour, then: 500ml glass + 35ml sugar water, 700ml glass use 40ml sugar water

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