Refreshing shrimp salad




Refreshing shrimp salad

The refreshing shrimp salad is made from fresh and naturally sweet and crunchy ingredients. The salad is attractive by the yellow color of corn, red shrimp and green color of vegetables. When enjoying, there will be the fatty taste of the sauce along with the sweetness of corn mixed with the crispiness of the ingredients. Let’s go to the kitchen with Delicious Food Every Day to make this dish for the whole family!


M: tablespoon - m: teaspoon

  • American corn: 1/2 fruit
  • They are TO: 400g
  • Cucumber: 1 fruit
  • Celery: 50g
  • Red apple: 1 small fruit
  • Onion: 1/4 of a bulb
  • Lemonade: 2M
  • Black salmon roe: 2M
  • Grated lemon peel: 1/2 M
  • WEIGHT VEGETABLES: Parsley, basil cut into pieces.
  • Seasoning: honey, salt, pepper, heinz ketchup, condensed milk
  • Mayonnaise Sauce Mayonnaise Aji-mayo® Original Flavor
  • Original Taste


- American corn : Separate boiled seeds.

– Big black tiger shrimp : Remove the head and take only the back.

– Peeled cucumber, diced, diced red apple, diced celery, diced onion, then put American corn in the same bowl and put in the refrigerator.

– Boil shrimp : put a little water in a pot to bring it to a boil, then add a little salt to boil the shrimp, then put in a bowl of ice cold water and peel the shrimp, then cut the shrimp into dice, leaving 4 garnishes.

– For the sauce: add 3M Mayonnaise Aji-mayo®, 2M sweetened condensed milk, 2M lemon juice, 1M Heinz ketchup, 1M honey, 1/4m salt, 1/2M grated lemon zest, then mix well.

– Mix salad : Put all ingredients in a bowl and basil along with the mixed sauce and diced shrimp, mix well. Next, put in a cocktail glass decorated with black salmon roe and cilantro and whole shrimp.


- The ingredients are fresh and have the natural crispiness and sweetness of each ingredient.

– Yellow color of corn along with red color of shrimp and green color of vegetable ingredients .

– The fatty taste of the sauce and the sweetness of the corn are mixed with the crispiness of the ingredients.

- Can add a little orange wine, the dish will be more delicious and flavorful.

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