Combination Vietnamese Sandwich

Cold Cut Vietnamese Sandwich

Combination Vietnamese Sandwich Recipe

Combination Vietnamese Sandwich

Bánh mì đặc biệt is a traditional Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich variety originating from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). The sandwich usually consists of a split baguette that’s filled with pork liver pâté and thinly sliced cold cuts such as headcheese, giò lụa sausage, and pork shank.

Next, the baguette is filled with mayonnaise, pickled carrots and daikon, sliced chili peppers, cucumber strips, and coriander. This type of bánh mì is also known as special combination bánh mì, and it can be found at numerous street carts in the country.
The sandwich is typically wrapped in paper and secured with a rubber band due to its large size. 


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