What is pearl in milk tea


What is pearl in milk tea
What is pearl in milk tea

The “pearls” used in pearl milk tea are powder balls made from sweet potato powder (or starch in southern terms).

Before adding the powder balls to the milk tea , they are usually soaked in syrup to ensure that the powder balls are in the sweet milk tea. , can still maintain sweetness. The base of milk tea is usually black tea, but some stores also offer bubble milk tea that uses green tea (called pearl green milk or pearl milk green ). There are also many stores that add coffee jelly, tofu pudding, pudding , grass jelly, and other foods with similar textures to the milk tea, allowing customers to choose freely to increase the taste.

As for “pearls”, generally larger-sized powder balls are used, and the diameter after cooking is about 7mm or more. Otherwise, the powder balls are too small and will easily become “mouthful of pearls” when using a tea drinking straw with a large diameter, making it inconvenient to taste. The bite is round and fragrant. For a while, bubble tea shops in southern Taiwan called bubble milk tea using large powder balls “Boba milk tea”, while those using small powder balls were called “bubble milk tea”. But in northern Taiwan , bubble milk tea shops usually only sell “bubble milk tea”, which uses large rice balls. Later, it became a unified name and specification across the island.
In the early 1990s, chain stores selling bubble tea had become quite popular, and famous ones such as “Xiao Xie” were popular places for salesmen to discuss business and for students to gather after school. On their menu, bubble milk tea is the most popular product among the student crowd. Bubble milk tea vendors have gradually appeared near schools, areas with dense cram schools , and night markets. Students and young couples can often be seen sipping bubble milk while shopping.

Black pearl cooking method

Take one kilogram of pearl pills of any color . Add 10L water and cook in the pot (boil the water first and then add the pearl balls and powder balls. Be sure to wait until the hot water boils before adding them, otherwise they will melt into powder immediately. Keep the water boiling over medium heat and use a strainer. Stir) for 15 to 20 minutes (you can add or subtract the time according to your preference. The longer it cooks, the softer it will be). When the time is up, cover the pot and turn off the heat. Simmer for another 15 to 20 minutes (the longer it simmers, the more elastic it will be) or until all the rice balls are transparent. After the time is up, take out the pearls and rinse them with cold water. Take a large bowl and put the rice balls and white sugar until the pearls are soaked. Stir evenly and let it boil for about 30 minutes. Add 750g of sugar and stir while adding. Get 22oz (638mL) syrup (can also be directly replaced with honey).

To put it bluntly, milk tea is tea plus milk, but these two things cannot be used casually, otherwise it will greatly affect the taste.
Preparation method (500ml milk tea as an example):
First of all, you can use black tea or green tea for tea. If you have never tried green tea, it is difficult to imagine the delicious taste of green tea and milk (about 125 ml)!
Then there is milk. You must use fresh milk (pure) for this. I personally think Mengniu ’s pure milk tastes better ( yoghurt is not recommended ). Women who are losing weight can use skimmed milk . The taste may be lighter, so add more Some milk will do, too. Use boiling water to brew two bags of black tea at one time and stir thoroughly to enhance the flavor of the tea. Do not use too much boiling water. After 2 minutes, when the tea is very strong, pour in the milk (125ml), according to the ratio of milk: tea 1:1. Then add 230G of ice cubes in summer and 230G of hot water in winter. If you like a stronger taste, you can add less ice cubes and hot water. Finally, add honey or sugar. Add the sweetness according to your preference.

In addition, the method of brewing green tea milk is similar to that of black tea, but the brewing method of green tea is more exquisite than that of black tea!
As we all know, when the water temperature is high when brewing green tea , the tea soup will take on a different color, resulting in a bitter taste and dull aroma.

Therefore, when making tea, you must control the temperature. The appropriate temperature for making tea is around 88 degrees. Therefore, when making green tea, it is best to use 100 degrees boiling water and 1/10 of the amount of mineral water. 1 bag of green tea , the water volume is 250ml, the brewing time is 6 minutes, but do not stir, just pull it gently!
After brewing the green tea, the other operations are the same as for the black tea (the milk tea blended with green tea and milk has a stronger aroma and milky taste).

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