Thirst, cravings, stress: have diabetes?


Thirst, cravings, stress have diabetes
Thirst, cravings, stress have diabetes

Thirst, cravings, stress: have diabetes?

The typical clinical symptoms of diabetes are thirst, drinking a lot, eating a lot, losing weight, fatigue, signs of numbness in the limbs and vision loss…

However, the presence of these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you have diabetes, and the absence of these symptoms should not mean that you do not have the disease.

Because if there are no above clinical symptoms, but after two tests, the blood sugar still rises above 7mmol/l or the blood sugar after eating or blood sugar is tested above 11.1mmol/l by any means. diabetes. Therefore, people with high risk factors such as obesity, family history of diabetes, hypertension, age over 40, etc. need to be detected early for timely intervention.

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Thirst and drinking a lot of water (over 4l/day) are in the syndrome of polyuria, of which diabetes is just one of many causes. Therefore, these two symptoms cannot be relied on to confirm diabetes, but must rely on many symptoms and tests to confirm diagnosis and differential diagnosis. Because thirst and drinking a lot of water are also caused by diarrhea, diabetes insipidus, mental illness, labor loss of a lot of sweat or nerve damage in the brain, causing disturbances in water regulation in the body…

Eating too many sweets does not mean diabetes, if you eat a lot of sweets but eat a limited amount of carbohydrates (rice, flour) and maintain a good activity regime, you will still not get diabetes. If you eat too many sweets and eat a lot of carbohydrates, the risk of diabetes is very high.

To date, the relationship between stress and the occurrence of diabetes is unknown. However, the direct effects of stress on people with diabetes are well recognized. Stress reduces the ability to self-monitor the disease, makes the patient depressed, eats erratic, even drinks alcohol to relieve sadness… These behaviors not only make blood sugar control worse, but also worsen the symptoms. other complications of the disease.

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