The food guide pyramid for a healthy life


The food guide pyramid
The food guide pyramid

The food guide pyramid for a healthy life

Using foods according to the Food Pyramid is one of the tools to help you eat well and have a healthy diet.
Each person has different dietary needs and tastes, each person’s diet depends on their age, gender, health status and desire to have a body.
What most people often aim for is how to eat to stay healthy and fight disease, but not everyone has enough knowledge and experience to have a complete, correct and scientific diet… .
A healthy eating plan is often found in the shape of a pyramid. The food pyramid outlines different food groups and how much to eat when choosing those foods, which is also the foundation of a healthy diet.

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The food guide pyramid

What is a nutritious and balanced meal?

According to the Food Pyramid, a nutritious meal is a meal that provides adequate energy, balance, and nutrients with 4 food groups: protein, fat, carbohydrates and green vegetables. , ripen fruits. This menu should be changed regularly, diversifying meals, combining foods of animal and plant origin. Nutrition experts also recommend that people should eat 15-20 types of food a day and in each group must also be diverse.

A balanced meal is a meal in which nutrients are balanced and reasonable. It is a balanced meal between the groups providing: protein (meat, fish, eggs, milk…), fat (oil, fat, oilseed…) and carbohydrates (cereals: rice, noodles, vermicelli, etc.) , bread, potatoes…), ripe green vegetables…

However, it should be noted that each person has different health, health and needs, so the meal must be suitable for each individual. Like people who are overweight, obese or people with blood lipids, high blood pressure, need to reduce their daily fat intake, they can replace animal fats with vegetable fats such as peanut oil, soybean oil, oilseed … because it contains many essential unsaturated fatty acids, preventing heart disease and atherosclerosis.

For people who are too thin, it is necessary to eat foods rich in energy and rich in protein (protein). In the meal, it is necessary to balance between animal and vegetable protein, because animal protein has high nutritional value, but plant-based protein sources are also extremely valuable such as tofu, beans, soybeans. , green beans, black beans,…

The food guide pyramid

Should increase green vegetables (400g/day), fruit (100-300g/day) in the diet to be able to provide the body with adequate fiber, as well as vitamins A, C, E, group B… minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, selenium…. When the body is provided with adequate nutrients in combination with reasonable exercise, we have a healthy immune system and increase resistance to disease.

No single food provides all the nutrients, eating a variety of foods in each group ensures that you get the nutrients and other substances you need to promote good health. Although the food pyramid reflects the common principles of healthy eating, different regions have different eating cultures. For example, Latin America uses a lot of American cakes and Asian cornmeal uses a lot of rice.
Use the food pyramid effectively: Should have a food diary, compare with the food pyramid. Also no need to be too mechanical when applying the pyramids, can switch it to your liking, for example cereals not only include wheat and bread, it can be flexible by rice, pasta, flour buckwheat, catch corn, popcorn…

You should eat a variety of foods, this will help you get enough calories as well as the necessary minerals, vitamins, and fiber. It is also possible to incorporate arbitrary food groups, such as a meal that can be cake (cereal) combined with beans or fruit salad, steamed vegetables and pasta. You should make the most of easy-to-find foods to create a nutritious menu.

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