Deep Fried Peeled Crab




Deep fried peeled crab


M: tablespoon - m: teaspoon

  • Peeled crabs: 4 (600g)
  • Watercress lettuce: 100gr
  • Switch: 2 left
  • Spices: Minced onion, chili, coriander, chili sauce, salt, skullcap, cooking oil
  • Seasoning seeds Aji-delicious Seasoning® Pork Stale
  • Mayonnaise Sauce Mayonnaise Aji-mayo® Original Flavor
  • Original Taste
  • Ready seasoning Aji-Quick® Pre-seasoned Seasoning Deep-
  • Fried Flour Crispy Fried Flour (Old Name: Seafood Crispy Fry)


– Take the crabs and soak them in water mixed with white wine for about 5 minutes, take them out to dry, then cut the crabs into 2.

– Crab cleaned, cut in half, marinated with 1M minced onion and garlic, 1/2m pepper and 1m Aji-ngon® Pork seasoning, to absorb. Fresh butter melted. Lettuce, washed and dried.

– Leave 2M of fried dough, Mix the remaining Aji-Quick with water according to the ratio on the package.

– Heat the oil, soak the crabs in dry flour, then dip the crabs in the Aji-Quick deep-fried flour mixture, then fry until golden brown , pour melted butter over the crabs, drain the oil.

– Dipping sauce : mix 2M Mayonnaise Aji-Mayo® with 1m chili sauce and 1/2m crushed skullcap, 1m water, and 1m minced shell.


Choose raw shell crab, crab meat will be sweeter and more fragrant.

Choose ripe zucchini to make the sauce fragrant, but not bitter.

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