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Step 1: How to make soda in a 1 liter bottle

– The soda bottle needs to be cooled.
– The filtered water needs cooling.
– Add 1 liter of cooled filtered water to a soda-making bottle, tighten the lid and insert the gas tank. Shake 5-10 pieces is successful.

Step 2: Squeeze 80ml of fresh orange juice.

Step 3: Introduce “Soda” cup of 500ml

Measure 20ml Golden Farm Strawberry Smoothie + 10ml Golden Farm Strawberry Siro + 5ml sugar water + a little salt, give ice full of glass, shake hands to squeeze ice together. Next, slowly pour 80ml of orange juice prepared in step 2 into a glass. Then measure 50ml of homemade soda (or pre-purchased cans of soda) + with 5ml Blue Curacao Torani. To create a beautiful top layer of Soda blue water.

Decoration: Topping with jam, dried grapes, Strawberry, mint leaves.

Price cup 500ml: 20ml Strawberry Smoothie (1.7k) + 10ml Strawberry Syrup (771đ) + 5ml sugar water (89d) + a little salt + 80ml Orange juice (4.0k) + 50ml Soda (500VND) + 5ml Bule Curacao (1.0k) + cup / spoon / straw (1.5k) = 9.5k

Weight 350ml: 14ml Strawberry Smoothie (1.2k) + 7ml Strawberry Syrup (540 VND) + 4ml sugar water (71d) + a little salt + 60ml Orange juice (3.0k) + 35ml Soda (350VND) + 3.5ml Bule Curacao (VND 700) + cup / spoon / straw (1.5k) = 7.4k
700ml cup dosage: double the formula for a 350ml cup.


Pet plastic cup 500ml
Measuring spoon set of 5 pieces
Measuring diameter 250ml
Stainless steel stirring spoon
Mica milk tea cup shelf
Soda making bottle 1 liter
Gas Soda Whip – it
Fest 16 button sugar metering machine
Plastic Jinger
Super clean wipes
Orange squeezer

Wishing you a successful implementation & Effective point-of-sale application

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