Japanese ladies have been completely conquered by “Boba Milk Tea”! He will become a fat nerd, and he can’t help his mouth


Boba Milk Tea
Boba Milk Tea

Although milk tea has become a “social currency” nowadays, it seems that if you don’t order boba milk tea to decorate your order in the office or go shopping with friends, you will be isolated from the masses. But for the sake of your own body, it’s better to control it.

Boba Milk Tea

In China, Coke is known as “Fat House Happy Water “. As the name suggests, the reason for the emergence of such titles is also inseparable from the contribution of “otakus” — two-dimensional animation is their spiritual food, and at the same time, it will definitely be accompanied by this high-calorie cola as the support of their material food. Over time, One big fat house after another appeared.

However, with the passage of time, the status of “Fat House Happy Water” has quietly undergone major changes. It seems that today’s otakus no longer like to pursue carbonated drinks. On the contrary, countless milk tea shops have been opened on the streets.

Some people say that this is because milk tea brings “double happiness” . This is indeed true. After all, their influence has broken international boundaries. After eroding the fat homes of young people in China, it has now spread to the Japanese island country next door—not only conquered Japan’s kawaii girls, but also He won over the Japanese and appeared on a local Japanese variety show at the same time!

The following is the content of “Japanese Variety Show Anatomy of the Magic of Milk Tea” that I will focus on explaining to you in this article . I hope you can gain something—

Distribution and number of brands of milk tea shops

The interesting thing about this Japanese variety show is that the information it displays is detailed, and it is interpreted in a “serious nonsense” way, which is full of comedy.

For example, at the beginning of the program, we learned from “big data statistics” how exaggerated existing stores in Japan are: hundreds of milk tea stores have been opened in 23 areas in Tokyo. According to the density of young people’s traffic, The distribution is even as high as nearly 100 in some areas.

What impact will this have? The program then dissected us through the example of Shin-Koiwa Station:

In a commercial street that is only a few dozen meters long, we can actually see 6-8 milk tea shops, some of which are even located next door or opposite to competitors.

But what is surprising is that even though the competition has become so fierce, “long queues” can be seen at the entrance of every milk tea shop , giving it a feeling of Chinese aunts going abroad to hunt for gold— it seems that there are no free of charge.

However, what really makes Mr. Qiaoye find it interesting is the following “Milk Tea Ingredients Survey” —

Study of form and taste

According to the variety show host, it is precisely because Japanese people love milk tea so much that some Boba Milk Tea research groups have spontaneously appeared in society to conduct research on various popular brands of Boba Milk Tea.

For example, there are 9 Boba Milk Tea shops including Gongcha, Golden Ratio, Jilongtang, Chakajiang, and Marumuki Tea.

It can be clearly seen from the two screenshots above that the work of these Japanese milk tea research teams is meticulous. It basically covers the pearl particle size, color, softness, taste and cooking methods of each milk tea product. It even records in detail how many pearls the customer can suck into the mouth in one sip.

Pay attention to the “survey base” shown at the top . The number of more than 1,600 cups is enough to demonstrate the persuasiveness and universality of this survey data.

Seeing this, I believe everyone was shocked. Even Mr. Ye, who has been drinking milk tea for so many years, did not know that the pearls in different brands of Boba Milk Tea are not the same type, and that different drinking methods will also affect the taste.

However, let’s be serious, the more you drink milk tea, the more addictive it becomes, but the most important thing cannot be ignored is its calories. The calories of a cup of milk tea are equal to a bowl of rice. Think about it, drinking a cup of milk tea while shopping is equivalent to eating a bowl of rice. Without the feeling of fullness, this kind of heat actually sneaks into our bodies.

Why? And this is also the third topic that Ye Yejun is about to bring to everyone—

Calories and dangers of milk tea

According to reliable information on the Internet, most of the milk tea we can buy on the market is made with creamer, and the basic raw material of this creamer, which can give milk tea a rich flavor, is the so-called “coconut ” Oil” .

What’s this? I won’t go into the detailed popular science here. In short, it is a kind of food that makes it extremely easy for people to become fat after eating too much, which is what we generally call “obese” food

Of course, perhaps for some netizens, obesity is not terrible. Even for some people whose bodies are “not obese even if soaked in oil” , obesity itself has become a kind of pursuit for them.

But you need to be reminded that this “obesity” is not that “obesity” . Friends who gain weight through high-calorie foods are all unable to control the direction of their fat. Otherwise, they will become potbellied, but their limbs will still be as thin as wood. bone. Otherwise, he will be like Jay Chou and become the so-called “BIG FACE” — he was once on the hot search list some time ago because he loves drinking milk tea.

In addition, don’t think that milk tea is just high in calories. You only need to cut back on other aspects of your diet, and you can continue to drink milk tea in a healthy way.

If you really imagine this, then I can only say that you are too young.

According to a milk tea brand sampling survey conducted in Suzhou in early 2019, we discovered that most of the popular offline milk tea brands all contain “caffeine” in their drinks, and its content has reached a high of 288mg per 1KG. Eh— this amount is equivalent to three cans of Red Bull, which is also equivalent to four cups of coffee.

This is also the reason why milk tea is addictive (caffeine is an addictive substance). After the first cup, there will be a second cup. After drinking the first day, there will be a second day. Good colleagues and good sisters. Ordering milk tea every afternoon, gradually drinking too much, you can become the second Jay Chou, and the difference between you and him is that you can’t rush to the trending search, you can only hold your swollen body and cry.

Perhaps it is precisely because of the addictive power of milk tea that we have seen a very interesting topic on the Weibo hot search list in recent days:

“Japanese gangsters sell bubble milk tea for a living” — it can barely be regarded as a positive social value of milk tea.

However, “gangsters becoming good” is only a macro-dimensional impact, and it can be regarded as a by-product of the effect of milk tea. For every independent individual, there is absolutely no need for us to sacrifice our own physical interests in order to achieve this social goal.

So in general, although milk tea has become a “social currency” nowadays, it seems that if you don’t order milk tea to embellish it when ordering in the office or going shopping with friends, you will be isolated from the masses. generally.

But for the sake of your own health, it is recommended not to drink milk tea often, just one cup a week. After all, milk tea is not a necessity. A strong body is the source of our happiness!

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