Cultural Value of Bubble tea


Bubble tea, Cultural Value of Bubble tea
Bubble tea

Cultural Value of Bubble tea

We all have drank milk tea. Nowadays, the value of milk tea has been upgraded, and boba milk tea has cultural value .

The “Boba” pearl milk tea invented in Taiwan has become popular in the United States . The word “Boba” refers to the large rice balls made of tapioca flour in the milk tea. Boba pearl milk tea is the representative one. In the past two or three decades, The Asian lifestyle slowly spread throughout the United States.
After 9 p.m. every night, Factory Tea Bar becomes a “base” for college students and professionals. As the name suggests, the tea bar does not offer any alcoholic drinks, only sweet tea, “Boba Pearls” made with ice, milk and tapioca flour imported from Taiwan.

A Chinese named Tiffany Porter explained: “‘Boba Pearls’ is a food unique to Asians. If you want to experience the comfort of Asia, you can go to a place that sells Boba milk tea.” Chinese Society Scholar Oliver Wang said that today’s Asian youth are considered the “boob generation.” He said that the “big generation” includes Asian youths of the past 20 years and even his generation.
Mr. Wang believes that the lives of Asians in Southern California have changed greatly in the past two to three decades . He said: “When I was a kid, Asians always felt invisible in the United States. We had outstanding achievements in academics, but in the cultural hierarchy within the university or community, Asian culture was not that important. And in the past 20 or 30 years, There’s been a huge shift.”
There are more and more Asian faces appearing on local and national television shows. In Mr. Wang’s view, stereotypes of Asians in American society are gradually disappearing, such as the Chinese rappers and comedians “Fang Brothers”.
Southern California’s “pop culture” includes not only Chinese Americans, but also Asians from other Asian countries. Indonesian-American Lina Yaori also likes to socialize at Boba Milk Tea Shop . ” We like to relax, chat and have a drink here,” she said .
Andrew Fang, one of the “Fang Brothers” said: “On every university campus, there are Asians, especially Chinese faces. There is a boba milk tea shop on every university campus, and all Asians know it.” .”
For Americanized Asians, boba tea shops have become a symbol of a cultural shift that has kept Asians connected to their racial roots but also given them a sense of pride .
Milk tea has its own existence value and brings us a new experience.


Pearl milk tea sold on the market mainly consists of non-dairy creamer, pearls, fruit powder, and water. It does not contain dairy products , so there is no need to worry about health problems caused by melamine . The main ingredients of non-dairy creamer are hydrogenated vegetable oil , emulsifier and sodium caseinate ; the pearls are mainly composed of tapioca flour or sweet potato powder (potato powder), food additives , etc.; the main ingredients of fruit powder are non-dairy creamer, pigments, and fruit raw powder , spices, glucose , and some use sweeteners . Of course, there are also many milk teas on the market that are made with fresh milk. Citizens can eat it with confidence.


  1. The color and taste of pearl milk tea are very particular. You can give it some very poetic names, such as summer feelings, golden branches and jade leaves, taste of first love, love-forgetting water, etc., so that tea drinkers can not only enjoy the taste, but also experience To enjoy psychologically.
  2. Pay attention to the price that is popular. The most suitable price for a cup of drink is between two and five yuan. Adding pearls charges one or two yuan more depending on the local average consumption level , which is suitable for public consumption.
  3. It can also be directly produced and packaged for sale in supermarkets and shopping malls. If paired with homemade jelly , homemade juice, various homemade cold drinks and beverages, the income will be greater, and the items will be richer and more distinctive.
  4. There are many marketing methods . You can join a franchise, open your own store, or make a pushcart to sell. The business methods can be flexible and diverse. You can choose according to your own economic strength. Product quality can also be divided into high, medium and low grades . Milk tea raw materials are purchased . Prices naturally range from high to medium to low.

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