7 diets to lose weight fast


7 diets to lose weight fast
7 diets to lose weight fast

7 diets to lose weight fast

If you are looking for a diet that helps you lose weight and burn excess fat, do not ignore the 7 effective weight loss diets recommended by experts below.

There are many ways to lose weight such as taking medicine, exercising, dieting, etc. However, in those ways to lose weight, it is very good to build a healthy diet along with regular regular exercise. for you. Dieting sounds like it’s easy, but it’s actually very difficult. Let’s refer to 7 effective weight loss diets recommended by experts below.

1. Paleo weight loss diet

This is a diet that focuses mainly on lean proteins , vegetables and fruits , and nuts . While on the Paleo diet, you must stay away from processed foods, or products high in sugar , dairy , and grains . Some Paleo methods add cheese , butter , potatoes, and sweet potatoes to the menu.

Paleo weight loss diet

Pros : Helps to lose weight and waist circumference. In addition, it is also good for the heart, blood sugar or people with high blood pressure.

Cons: The Paleo diet does not allow the use of nutritious and healthy products such as whole grains or dairy products.

How Effective : People on the Paleo diet claim to eat less carbs, more protein, and 300-900 fewer calories per day.

Tip : The Paleo diet takes a lot of time to make and is also much more expensive than your usual diet. Therefore, if you really want to follow this diet, you have to be really determined and invest in your meals a lot.

This mode is suitable for : People who have a lot of time to cook.

2. Vegan weight loss diet

Vegan is considered a vegan diet – ie eliminating foods made from animals and eggs, dairy, foods derived from animals (gelatin, egg whites, ..) from the menu. mine. This is considered the most rigorous of the diets.

Vegan weight loss diet

Pros : With this diet, not only is weight lost, the risks of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer are also reduced.

Cons : Due to the complete elimination of meat and meat products from the diet, nutrients such as vitamins B12 , D, iodine , iron , calcium ,… are also not provided to the body. cause your body to lose a lot of nutrients.

Level of effectiveness : Low fat intake and high fiber and also keep you full for a long time. You can also maintain a stable weight and body mass index (BMI) if you follow this diet.

Tips : Vegan weight loss method needs you to learn carefully and plan specifically to implement it safely and effectively because this is a diet that takes away the main source of nutrition from our meat.

This diet is suitable for: People who can be vegetarian.

3. Low-carb weight loss diet

Low-carb diets are followed by a certain process such as consuming simple carbs and refined sugar and then switching to more complex carbs and then back to the low-carb phase.

Low-carb weight loss diet

Pros : Brings many health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, insulin, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Cons : Not everyone is suitable for this mode. Some people, when starting this regimen, will cause bad LDL cholesterol to increase.

Level of effectiveness : Low-carb diets will effectively reduce the amount of fat stored in the abdomen and around the internal organs.

Advice : Low carb is a very low carb diet, making you feel tortured, hungry, tired and irritable . Think of the end result as the body you’ve always dreamed of to get through the early days. When you get used to it, you will no longer feel cravings for starch, your body will be comfortable and light.

This mode is suitable for : Those who are overweight or obese.

4. Dukan weight loss diet

The Dukan diet focuses on high-protein and low-carb foods . Usually it is divided into 4 phases: 2 weight loss phases and 2 maintenance phases. The length of each phase will depend on you.

Dukan weight loss regimen

The first phase of Dukan implementation will focus on increasing protein and oat dishes . Other phases will look at adding non-starchy vegetables with carbs and fat and then cutting back on protein in the maintenance phase.

Advantages : Helps to lose weight extremely fast but still effective and divided into 4 clear stages for the body to slowly adapt.

Cons : Can cause a lot of muscle loss and as muscle mass and calories decrease, the body conserves energy and makes it easier for you to gain weight back.

Level of effectiveness : Highly effective in weight loss by speeding up metabolism, reducing hunger hormones and increasing satiety hormones.

Tips : Because this diet cuts carbs to compensate with protein-rich foods, in the beginning it is very difficult, you may experience a lot of symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, .. Mentally overcome them all.

This mode is suitable for : Those who like meat and seafood, protein-rich dishes.

5. Atkins weight loss diet

This is the most popular low-carb weight loss diet . You need more protein and fat to cut carbs.

Atkins mode is divided into 4 phases. At the beginning, you will learn to eat less than 20g of carbs per day and maintain it continuously for 2 weeks. In later stages carb intake will be returned to the normal diet until you reach your desired weight.

Atkins weight loss diet

Pros: In addition to weight loss, the Atkins regimen regulates and reduces disease-causing factors such as blood triglycerides, blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Cons: This diet is quite safe, but in some cases you may experience some health problems such as bad breath, insomnia, always lethargic, tired, …

How effective it is : The effect of weight loss is faster than a low-fat diet because it significantly reduces the amount of fat stored around the abdomen.

Tip : With the Atkins diet, you will eat a lot of protein-rich foods, so you may be eating a lot of bad fats that increase cholesterol, affecting your health a lot. So you should carefully calculate the amount of food you will eat when following this diet.

This mode is suitable for: Everyone.

6. Diet HCG weight loss diet

The HCG diet is a strict regimen that helps you lose weight very quickly, from 0.45 – 1kg per day . The feature of this regimen is to increase metabolism to reduce fat storage and not make you feel hungry.

HCG weight loss diet

Pros: There are no advantages to this mode.

Cons: This regimen can cause muscle loss and decrease your ability to burn calories . In addition, this regimen also brings many side effects such as headaches, depression and fatigue.

Level of effectiveness : HCG diet reduces weight quickly from 0.45 – 1 kg per day and you will not feel hungry when eating this diet.

Tips : HCG mode consumes a lot of calories, helping you lose weight extremely effectively. However, many studies have shown that the hormone HCG does not affect weight loss and does not reduce your desire to eat. If you seriously want to lose weight and keep fit, you should find more effective and reasonable methods than HCG.

This mode is suitable for : Everyone.

7. Intermittent fasting diet

Includes alternating fasting and eating cycles. Therefore, this can be seen as an eating pattern rather than a diet. The methods commonly used in this mode are:

Intermittent fasting diet

Method 16/8: You can eat for 8 hours and fast for the remaining 16 hours.

Eat-Stop-Eat Method: You only eat one meal within 24 hours.

Method 5:2: On 2 days apart in the week you will reduce your calorie consumption by 500-600 calories, for the remaining five days you maintain a normal diet.

Pros: Reduces inflammatory symptoms, cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels and increases HGH growth hormone levels, improves insulin sensitivity and increases cellular activity.

Cons: Some subjects who are not suitable for this regimen are pregnant, lactating, teenagers.

How Effective: You can lose 3-8% of your weight within 3-24 weeks . This regimen also does not cause muscle loss and increases the metabolic rate in a short time by 3.6 – 14%.

Advice : You should consult your doctor before trying intermittent fasting and especially when you see any unusual signs in your body. While in the regime, tea, coffee and other high-calorie drinks should also be limited.

This mode is suitable for : More suitable for men than women.

Above is a summary of 7 effective weight loss diets. However, each mode has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should consult carefully before implementing any mode!

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