40 High Protein Foods For The Body And Muscle Gain When Working Out Are Easy To Find


High Protein Foods
High Protein Foods

High protein foods or low-calorie protein-rich foods are always a topic of interest, especially for those who are in need of weight loss, fat loss, gym people who want to gain muscle and lose fat. Protein-rich foods are also an indispensable food group in every nutritious and healthy meal.

Who needs high protein foods? Everyone, especially those who are going to the gym, who want to build and strengthen muscles, need to exercise regularly, combined with high protein foods to build muscle more effectively.

What are proteins ? Protein (also known as protein) is one of the most important substances for the body. It plays a role in the structure, maintenance and development of the body, forming the basic substances for life activities. Protein is involved in the process of building muscles, organs, skin as well as hormones of the body. How much protein does the body need each day? Is it good to eat a lot of protein? Protein needs vary based on activity level, age, muscle mass, fitness goals, and overall health. Normally, an adult body needs at least 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight per day (1). Excess protein in the body can cause a number of problems such as weight gain, bad breath, constipation, diarrhea, dehydration, increased risk of diseases like cancer, gout, and heart disease.

In the case of not getting enough protein, the body will have a phenomenon of immunodeficiency, edema, weight loss, insomnia or not sleeping deeply …, seriously affecting daily activities. Therefore, it is very important to ensure adequate protein intake.

40 High protein foods to build muscle, help your body stay healthy

High-protein foods include chicken breast, lean pork, fish, lean beef, tofu, legumes, low-fat yogurt, milk, seeds, nuts, and eggs. The list of 40 most natural high protein foods to help the body toned and healthy includes:

1. Chicken breast

Chicken breast high protein foods

Which food contains the most protein? The answer is chicken breast. Therefore, chicken breast is always the number one choice of high protein foods for gym people. Eating chicken breast often feels dry and a bit hard, so many people do not like it. But in fact, this meat is high in protein and very low in calories . Moreover, to be able to digest chicken breast, the body will always need to expend a larger amount of energy than other foods, thereby helping to break down excess fat and help the body lose fat. Therefore, boiled and steamed chicken breast is always an indispensable food in the diet of people who want to lose weight or gain muscle and lose fat. ( 2 )

Protein: 32.1g
Calories: 161 kcal
high protein foods, chicken breast

Chicken breast is a low-calorie high protein foods chosen by many gym people

2. Turkey Breast

Turkey Breast high protein foods

Similar to regular chicken breast, turkey breast is also a low-fat, high-protein food. In addition, turkey breast also has a delicious taste, high in vitamins and minerals. ( 3 )

Protein: 30.1g
Calories: 147 kcal

3. Tuna is a high protein food

Tuna is a high protein food

Tuna is a fairly common food, it is low in fat and calories but high in protein. Tuna can be cooked in grilled dishes or vegetable salads. ( 4 )

Protein: 29.9g
Calories: 184 kcal
Tuna contains a lot of protein

Tuna is a high protein foods and essential amino acids

4. Lean pork is a familiar high protein foods

Lean pork is a familiar high protein foods

One of the high protein foods that cannot be ignored is pork. Pork has a lot of protein, minerals, vitamins and is always a healthy source of food. Protein content in pork can be up to 89%, suitable as a food source for muscle development. ( 5 )

Protein: 21g
Calories: 109 kcal
foods high in protein, pork

Pork is considered a popular source of protein

5. Lean beef

Lean beef high protein foods

Beef is also considered a top protein food , which is great for people on a low-carb diet. In addition to protein, beef also contains a large amount of vitamin B6/B12, ammonia acid, potassium, … are all indispensable minerals in the diet. ( 6 )

Beef can be processed by grilling, pan-frying… to reduce the amount of fat in beef.

Protein: 28.6g
Calories: 268 kcal
low-calorie protein foods, lean beef

One steak contains 50g of protein

6. Lamb

Lamb is high protein foods, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12. The protein content of lamb is about 25-26%, which is good for strengthening muscles. ( 7 )

Protein: 35.5g
Calories: 279 kcal

7. High protein foods: Anchovies

The protein content in anchovies is rated higher than that of tuna. Normally, 100g of anchovies has about 46g of protein and contains up to 378 calories. In addition, anchovies are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. ( 8 )

Protein: 28.9g
Calories: 210 kcal
Anchovies are high protein

Protein content in anchovies is higher than tuna

8. High protein foods: Duck meat

The high protein foods cannot be ignored, including duck meat. Not only rich in protein, duck meat also contains many healthy nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins, nicotic acid, etc. Adding duck meat to the nutritional menu also has the effect of supporting the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. support the treatment of tuberculosis and cancer. ( 9 )

Protein: 23.5g
Calories: 201 kcal

9. Eggs

According to nutritionists, eggs are the lowest-calorie high protein foods. Eggs should be eaten in the morning to provide calories and protein for an active day. Protein is abundant in egg whites, the yolk will contain many essential vitamins and minerals. ( 10 )

Protein: 12.6g
Calories: 155 kcal
low calorie protein foods, eggs

Eggs are considered the most high protein foods

10. Salmon, mackerel and all kinds of fish

Salmon, mackerel and all kinds of fish

Not only salmon, mackerel but all kinds of fish are quite high in protein, low in fat, very suitable as the main food in the diet to gain muscle and lose fat (11 , 12 ) . Some types of fish are also rich in omega-3s that are good for the cardiovascular system. Specifically:

Salmon ( 13 ):

Protein: 20.4g
Calories: 208 kcal
Mackerel ( 14 ):

Protein: 24g
Calories: 239 kcal
high protein foods, salmon, fish meat

Half a fillet of raw Atlantic salmon contains 20.4g of protein

11. Shrimp

Like fish, shrimp is also a seafood that is also a low calorie high protein foods that contains many nutrients, including selenium and vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids. ( 15 )

Protein: 16.8g
Calories: 147 kcal

12. Oysters

Adding oysters to the nutritional menu can fight fatigue, increase the body’s anti-inflammatory ability, increase metabolism, and strengthen the immune system because oysters contain a rich source of vitamins such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, D, protein, carbohydrates… ( 16 )

Protein: 7.02g
Calories: 63 kcal
high protein foods, oysters

Not only rich in zinc, oyster meat also contains a lot of protein

13. Tofu is a high protein foods

Tofu is the most common high protein foods for vegetarians . Tofu or tofu contains a lot of protein and essential amino acids that the body needs. Beans also provide fat, carbs, and many other vitamins and minerals. ( 17 )

Protein: 10.9g
Calories: 85 kcal

14. Oats

One of the healthiest grains is oats. Oats provide a healthy dose of fiber, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B1 and several other nutrients. ( 18 )

Protein: 13.2g
Calories: 379 kcal
High protein food, oats

15. High Protein Food: Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is low in fat and low in calories, but rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B12, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and other nutrients. ( 19 )

Protein: 12.4g
Calories: 72 kcal

16. Greek Yogurt: High Protein yogurt

When it comes to high protein foods, it is impossible to ignore yogurt, especially Greek yogurt. Yogurt contains up to 69% protein, is commonly used in Western countries due to its ease of use, can be combined with both sweet and savory foods. ( 20 )

Protein: 10.3g
Calories: 61 kcal

17. Milk contains a lot of protein

Milk can be considered an excellent source of nutrients for the body, including protein. Protein in milk has the function of supplementing energy for life activities and helping to restore muscle tissue. In addition, milk is also an effective skin care ingredient, lightening skin color, reducing dark spots, dark spots and improving skin tone ( 21 ).

Protein: 3.34g
Calories: 51 kcal
High protein foods, milk

Milk is a high-protein food recommended by the Institute of Nutrition to be added to the daily diet

18. Whey Protein Supplement

While not a naturally high protein food , whey powder is the most popular protein supplement available today. This is a high-quality dairy-based protein that can help build muscle and aid in weight loss. Protein content will depend on the product, typically more than 90% of calories can be protein and can have 20 – 50g of protein per serving. ( 22 )

Protein: 58.1g
Calories: 359 kcal
There are many different types of whey protein on the market today such as: Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), Whey Protein Hydrolyzed (WPH), Whey Protein Blend, etc. Protein and calorie content is different for each person. type and depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, for the best, get in the habit of reading the nutrition facts table to get the right amount of protein and the right amount of protein that your body needs.

19. Soybeans

One of the next best plant-based sources of protein is soybeans. Protein content ranges from 34-56% per dry weight. ( 23 )

Protein: 18.2g
Calories: 172 kcal
Tempeh fermented soybeans contain a lot of protein

Tempeh fermented soybeans is a high protein dish, 85g of Tempeh contains about 16g of protein

In addition to soybeans, legumes in general such as peanuts, green beans, black beans, red beans, lentils, etc. are the best sources of plant protein and are a great choice for vegetarians and vegans. vegetarian.

20. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin is a kind of seed with a high nutritional content, containing iron, magnesium, zinc … The protein content in pumpkin is about 22% of the calorie content. ( 24 )

Protein: 30.2g
Calories: 559 kcal
plant high protein foods, pumpkin seeds

Unpeeled pumpkin seeds provide about 21g of protein per serving

21. Walnuts

Walnuts are considered a high-protein food , which is very beneficial for the heart. In addition, walnuts also have the effect of preventing gallstones, protecting bones, nourishing the kidneys, supporting the development of children… Walnuts provide many vitamins and minerals such as vitamins E, B6, manganese, copper, etc. zinc… ( 25 )

Protein: 15.2g
Calories: 654 kcal

22. Almonds

Almonds include fiber, vitamin E, manganese, magnesium, protein… so they are also considered a high-protein food that should be considered. Note, almonds should not be used by people who are allergic to nuts. ( 26 )

Protein: 21.2g
Calories: 579 kcal
high protein food, almonds

Almonds are nuts rich in protein and healthy fats

23. Dried apricots

Calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron are all minerals present in dried apricots. Dried apricots can help prevent constipation, good digestion, balance heart rate, brighten skin…( 27 )

Protein: 3.39g
Calories: 241 kcal

24. Sticky beans

Chickpeas are a food high in protein , which helps to increase muscle during weight loss. In addition, scientists have also shown that pregnant women who consume a lot of iron-rich foods such as spinach, pumpkin and green beans can enhance fertility. ( 28 )

Protein: 1.9g
Calories: 32 kcal

25. Guava

Compared to other fruits, guava is considered the most high protein foods. Guava also contains lycopene, a micronutrient that supports the immune system to fight cancer cells. Guava also contains a sufficient amount of vitamin C per day for the body, strengthening the immune system. ( 29 )

Protein: 2.55g
Calories: 68 kcal
high protein foods, guava

Guava is the most high protein foods of all the popular fruits

26. Avocados

One of the misconceptions about avocado is that avocado is a fatty fruit, but in fact the fat in avocado is a healthy fat, good for the body. Avocado contains a lot of fiber, vitamins, potassium, copper … and especially the protein content is quite high, effective in weight loss. ( 30 ). Toast with reduced butter is a great choice for a nutritious, quick and delicious breakfast.

Protein: 2g
Calories: 160 kcal
high protein food, avocado

An average avocado contains about 3g of protein

27.Passion fruit

Not only delicious, but passion fruit also contains a lot of vitamin C, iron, potassium, protein, … very good for health. In addition, passion fruit also provides copper, magnesium, phosphorus. ( 31 )

Protein: 2.2g
Calories: 97 kcal

28. Bananas

Food rich in protein cannot be ignored bananas – a familiar fruit in life. In addition, bananas also have a high content of micronutrients such as vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C, manganese, potassium … Bananas contain less saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium good for the heart. According to experts, increasing the intake of bananas in the first 2 years of life can reduce the risk of leukemia in children. ( 32 )

Protein: 1.09g
Calories: 89 kcal
foods high in protein, bananas

There are about 1.29g of protein in a medium banana

29. Corn (Corn)

Zein is the most abundant protein in corn, accounting for 44-79% of the total protein content. Adding corn to the daily menu can improve heart health, improve eyesight, prevent constipation… ( 33 )

Protein: 2.23g
Calories: 88 kcal

30. Peas are a food rich in protein

The protein content in peas is quite high, a cup of peas has 8 times more protein than a cup of spinach. Peas will help keep the body’s immune system healthy. You can use peas in the salad box to serve or add to the egg dish to increase the attractiveness of the dish. ( 34 )

Protein: 5.42
Calories: 81 kcal
high protein foods, peas

Peas are a high protein foods 7.86g per cup

31. Artichoke

Artichoke is not only a high fiber food, but also one of the vegetables with outstanding protein content. To prepare artichoke in the simplest way, you just need to boil an artichoke bud and serve it with cheese and tomatoes like a regular salad. ( 35 )

Protein: 2.88g
Calories: 53 kcal

32. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are no longer strange in the nutritional menu of every family and are the best source of plant-based protein . Commonly used mushrooms such as straw mushrooms, black fungus, shiitake mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, etc. Mushrooms contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, vitamin C, and especially protein. The protein content in mushrooms helps to develop strong muscles. ( 36 )

Protein: 3.75g
Calories: 55 kcal
high protein foods, mushrooms

One cup of mushrooms contains about 6g of protein

33. Spinach

Spinach is considered a “golden” food because it contains many nutrients such as potassium, protein, iron, calcium, and magnesium. regulate blood pressure, benefit the excretory system… ( 37 )

Protein: 2.97g
Calories: 23 kcal

34. Water spinach

Spinach is a vegetable that is easy to eat and easy to prepare. Water spinach has the effect of treating flatulence, protecting heart health, preventing constipation, diabetes … ( 38 )

Protein: 2.6g
Calories: 19 kcal

35. Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are another high-protein vegetable that looks like broccoli but is much smaller in size. In addition, Brussels sprouts are high in fiber, vitamin C and other nutrients. ( 39 )

Protein: 2.55g
Calories: 36 kcal
Brussels sprouts, a low-calorie high protein foods

Half a cup of Brussels sprouts contains almost 2g of protein and only 28 kcal

36. Broccoli (Broccoli)

With abundant nutritional content such as vitamin E, group B, vitamin K, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, protein… broccoli is always considered an important food in protecting human health. . Broccoli also supports strengthening the immune system in the elderly, slowing down the aging process, minimizing the symptoms of osteoarthritis, protecting and maintaining heart health, preventing cancer … ( 40 )

Protein: 2.82g
Calories: 34 kcal

37. Asparagus is a high protein food

Asparagus is also a high protein foods. In addition, asparagus also provides vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, zinc, rich in fiber, vitamins C, E, K, folic acid, potassium, copper, manganese… The amino acid content in asparagus helps the transport process. glucose from the blood into the cells takes place more easily. ( 41 )

Protein: 2.4g
Calories: 22 kcal

38. Sweet potatoes

According to experts, normally, every 100g of sweet potato contains 5.4g of protein. This is a fairly high protein content index that few vegetables provide. Sweet potatoes also contain a lot of fiber, complex carbs, vitamin A, suitable for a weight loss diet to keep fit. You should eat boiled, steamed or baked sweet potatoes so as not to lose the nutrients in sweet potatoes. ( 42 )

Protein: 1.37g
Calories: 76 kcal
foods high in protein, sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are a high-protein food that cannot be ignored

39. Where is protein found: Pumpkin

The typical name of the group of green vegetables, high-protein vegetables that are good for vegetarians is pumpkin. Pumpkin contains quite a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Vitamins in pumpkin are good for bones and eyes, omegas are good for the heart, glutamic acid is good for the brain. In particular, the protein content in pumpkin helps the body prevent diabetes, reduce the risk of cancer, beautify the skin … ( 43 )

Protein: 0.72g
Calories: 20 kcal
high protein food, pumpkin

One cup of boiled, unsalted pumpkin contains 1.76g of protein

40. Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is quite low in calories, so when combined with sweets, it will create a feeling of fullness and suppress cravings. Manganese in cocoa helps the body toned, supports muscle building. In addition, the protein content in cocoa is an easily absorbed protein, which supports muscle growth and fat burning. ( 44 )

Protein: 19.6g
Calories: 228 kcal

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