15 Chinese foods specialties that you should not miss


Chinese foods, 15 Chinese foods specialties that you should not miss
Chinese foods

15 Chinese foods specialties that you should not miss

If you are curious about Chinese cuisine, then follow this article to know more about famous specialties in China.

From ancient times until now, Chinese cuisine is considered a very diverse and rich cuisine with dishes with distinct identities. And here, let’s learn about some famous dishes in China with King Kong Milktea.

1. Longevity noodles – Chinese foods

Talking about Chinese cuisine, it is impossible not to mention longevity noodles, which were born 300 years ago in Zhejiang province . Just hearing the name, everyone thinks of it as symbolizing the wishes of a long life and a desire for long-term health.

2. Fried Stinky Tofu (Chou Dou Fu) – Chinese foods

For a dish that everyone who hears the name feels afraid, but don’t be in a hurry because when you eat it you will be surprised, the tofu is mixed with ingredients such as carrots , delicious crispy sausages. but it’s also nutritious.

3. Dumplings with kimsa – Chinese foods

Kimsa dumplings are a famous specialty in China and are loved by many people because of the soft, spongy cake with a thick paste inside with the sweet and salty taste of salted eggs and condensed milk ,… can’t be confused.

4. Botanical Egg – Chinese foods

Botanical eggs are a wonderful dish and appear in almost every Chinese meal, eggs are incubated for a long time, so they have a very strange shape. red is green. But thanks to the very different salty taste, it feels great.

5. Clay grilled chicken – Chinese foods

Clay-roasted chicken is a dish with a rather special name that originates from a folk tale that has been passed down to this day. Chicken is marinated and stuffed with spices with ginger and lemon leaves wrapped in foil and clay, when grilled, the chicken is imbued with irresistible delicious spices.

6. Noodles across the bridge – Chinese foods

Noodles across the bridge originate from Yunnan, a province in the west of China, this dish is combined with ingredients such as chicken , squid , green onions … The broth is extremely sweet and served with fresh vermicelli. what else is equal?

7. Candied gourd – Chinese foods

Candied gourd is a very familiar dish that everyone immediately thinks of when it comes to the shape of a small round candy with iridescent red color, along with an irresistible sweetness. Should be loved by many people, especially children in China.

8. Peking Duck – Chinese foods

If you come to China and you can’t enjoy Peking duck, it’s really a loss. Because Peking duck is a pride of Chinese cuisine with a unique way of processing, the duck has a dark yellow skin, and the meat is evenly seasoned, which will surely make you unforgettable when enjoying the taste. of this dish.

9. Frozen braised meat – Chinese foods

The name of frozen braised meat is named after a famous poet who first made this dish, that is To Dong Pha. The rich piece of meat is evenly soaked in spices, the skin is crispy and delicious, and there is nothing better than hot white rice.

10. Yangzhou fried rice – Chinese foods

When it comes to Yangzhou fried rice , it is no longer strange to us. But does anyone know that this dish has a long-standing origin since 1754 of the Qing Dynasty , its name is after the land where the first person to prepare this dish was born, that is Mr. Y Binh Thu. The rice dish is combined with rustic ingredients such as char siu , sausage , peas … But the taste it brings makes you hard to forget.

11. Roasted chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts originate from Beijing China, and are loved by many people, especially young people. Because the aromatic flavor of chestnuts permeates the spice of granulated sugar, the sweetness and softness are extremely attractive.

12. Sparkling puller

Dumplings are also considered the pride of Chinese cuisine made from ingredients such as flour , shrimp , fish and other vegetables , all creating an extremely irresistible taste.

13. Buddha jumps wall

The wall-jumping Buddha dish originated from Fujian China, with a history of more than 200 years. Made from rare ingredients such as sea cucumber, abalone, shark’s fin,… You must have tried this dish once, it will surely make you fall in love with it.

14. Szechuan Sauce Beans

Szechuan bean sauce was first born in the land of Sichuan. If you are one of those who love spicy dishes, you definitely can’t miss this dish, soft and fatty tofu mixed with spicy sauce and ingredients such as chicken thighs , minced shiitake mushrooms . This is really a perfect dish for vegetarian days.

15. Hot pot lamb

Lamb is considered a symbol of luck and prosperity, lamb hot pot originated from Mongolia during the Yuan Dynasty with a rich hot pot, lamb is soft but also nutritious, very good for health.

Above are some famous specialty dishes of Chinese cuisine that King Kong Milktea has synthesized. Hopefully, through the above article, it can help you understand more about Chinese cuisine, if you come here, be sure to try these dishes.

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